June Trip 2014


At the end of June, the 3000 round trip was completed travelling from Northern Ireland to Poland and back with a van full of aid to the needy people of Poland.

While there the team were able to provide aid for hundreds of people but most importantly share the gospel with these people.

Can we just thank all of those who donated towards this trip, without your donations this trip would not have been made possible.

Most impotantly we thank the Lord for his hand upon the trip; for safety on the roads and for opening up many avenues allowing us to share the gospel with so many people.

Reports from the trip can be seen in the sub page under the June 2014 tab at the top of the web page.



So our plans are well underway for our trip to Poland at the end of June, Robert and Liam will be leaving with van load of aid on Tuesday 24th and the rest of the team will fly out on Wednesday to meet up with them in Warsaw ,

We’ll be going to Lublin and Warsaw to two very poor churches to give out the aid and we’ll also be visting very needy families. During the trip we will also be taking gospel services.

A little about Poland

Poland is located in Central Europe. It covers 120,700 square miles (312,680 square kilometers). On the north, Poland is bordered by the Baltic Sea, Russia, and Lithuania; on the east by Belarus and Ukraine; on the south by Slovakia and the Czech Republic; and on the west by Germany. Originally, the capital was Cracow (Kraków), but in 1611 it was moved to Warsaw (Warszawa), the current seat of government.

It is the 69th largest country in the world and the 9th largest in Europe. With a population of over 38.5 million people, Poland is the 34th most populous country in the world, the sixth most populous member of the European Union,

Thank you to all that have supported us

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